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Lead times And The Best Time To Buy!

When ordering furniture it is crucial to understand lead times and if it is worth the wait!

We’re always aiming to be as transparent as possible so you can be an expert in making decisions for your establishment.  We’re breaking down what we mean by lead time and what happens in the time elapsed from furniture purchase to arrival.

What’s a lead time?

Once you’ve made all of your selections, we will put your order into motion, and one of our team members will inform you of the lead time.

The “lead time” describes how long your purchase will take from start to finish – from when the order is placed to the delivery.  At Resort Contract, this process usually takes between 6-10 weeks.

We recommend ordering your furnishings now so it is ready for your guest to enjoy this upcoming spring season.

How will you know when it is ready?

We will follow your order from purchase through delivery. During the lead time, we’ll reach out with periodic updates on the expected arrival date and address any additional needs.

We invite you to browse through our site so you may learn about all the different options, configurations, colors, and style variations of available products. Once you have established your outdoor furnishing needs and learned how Resort Contract Furnishings can fulfill them, please click here to contact us via email. Our team of experienced professionals looks forward to your inquiry and will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information regarding your commercial patio furniture needs.