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At Castelle Furniture, many skilled hands are involved in crafting the award winning designs to the highest quality, desired luxury and ultimate comfort possible. From their intricate aluminum castings or extrusions to the multi-stage finishing; from the artisan applied antiquing to the all-weather cushions; Castelle’s goal is to deliver handcrafted casual furnishings without equal.

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About Castelle

For over 40 years, the Castelle name has stood for handcrafted luxury furnishings, made in the Americas.

Each Castelle product is handcrafted one piece at a time by the most highly skilled craftsmen in the industry. From design inspirations to the skilled hands of sculptors and craftsmen, culminating in the highly trained custom finishing department, all contribute to the artistry and luxury that is Castelle. Beautiful enough to live indoors… tough enough to live outdoors… experience luxury and craftsmanship at its best with Castelle Furniture.

Castelle is known for our amazing finishes. Our ability to source fabrics that compliment our finishes results in a product that is beautifully coordinated, making a striking statement wherever it is placed. By mimicking colors and designs found in nature and perfecting the art of translating them into aluminum, we are able to offer a product whose durability equals its beauty. With fabrics as durable as they are attractive, you can be assured you have purchased a product that you will be proud to own for years to come.

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Resort Contract has been one of the nation’s largest dealers of commercial outdoor furniture for over 20 years. Our superior buying power and our long standing partnerships with our factories ensure we get the best pricing in the industry which is passed on to our customers. Customer standards in the hospitality industry are incredibly high, and Castelle outdoor furniture has kept up. You can find any type of outdoor furniture you seek for various settings. We invite you to browse our products to find your choice at the guaranteed lowest price. Contact us to learn more about available options.

Commercial Quality Guaranteed Lowest Price

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Product Information:

Product Type:
Cast aluminum luxury furniture

Chairs, love seats, sofas, tables

Moderate – high

Lead Time:
4-6 weeks

5 years frame & finish.  1 year fabric.

Please call our customer service staff with questions at 888-848-9555