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Grosfillex furniture for your outdoor space is a must!

Outdoor space is a must during the spring, summer, and fall months– not to mention it’s excellent for revenue as long as the space is appealing and clean.¬†When our customers are looking for new, updated outdoor furnishings for their hotel or restaurant, they focus heavily on finding a product that delivers on quality and durability. They want to feel confident that the product was crafted with high attention to detail, using only the very best materials and incorporating the latest technologies available. As a leader in the commercial grade outdoor furniture industry, Grosfillex has established itself as the company that can meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, building products that continue to outperform the competition.

For the absolute guaranteed lowest prices on Grosfillex outdoor products, please visit our contact us page to complete the form and request pricing for your needed items. You will receive a quote including freight & local sales tax via email. If you have any questions regarding Grosfillex products, contact Resort Contract Furnishings today, your premiere source for all your outdoor furnishing needs! We look forward to hearing from you.