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Get Ready For Spring With Grosfillex Outdoor Furniture!

Resort Contract Furnishings can help ensure that your outdoor dining area is attractive, comfortable, and safe to keep your guests coming back!

Choose Contract Quality Seating!  Are your outdoor restaurant chairs contract quality, passing ASTM testing?  ASTM testing covers the physical performance of the product regarding the aspects of outdoor weathering, impact, static load, and rear leg testing and ensures that your product will be safe for your customer. All Grosfillex chairs and armchairs have been rigorously tested to meet ASTM standards.  Mishandling and heavy use can take a toll on outdoor chairs, so make sure to check all your seating for any damage that may have been sustained over the winter. By checking everything before the season starts, you can ensure that your outdoor patio area is safe and welcoming for your customers.  Do you have enough chairs for your dining area? Stacking chairs, such as our beautiful Cannes armchair and chair, ensure that you always have enough. In addition, stacking chairs and nesting tables take up little room during off-season storage, allowing you to take them inside or cover them so they are in perfect condition this Spring!

Create a functional, inviting patio area!  Wobbly tables are the #1 complaint in the foodservice industry, and our Aquaba round pedestal table bases are stable and perfect for outdoor dining!  Check to see if your tables are in tip-top shape. How have they fared over the winter – are the surfaces clean and attractive? Tabletops with scratches can harbor dirt and bacteria and make it hard to keep them clean.

Don’t forget the Umbrellas!  Resorts need umbrellas that keep their customers comfortable and safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Now is a great time to check your umbrellas and make sure that you have adequate shade options. You should take the total square footage of your patio area and use that as a guide when choosing your umbrellas. Keep physical restrictions and barriers in mind to select the best options for your patio. Grosfillex umbrellas come in a wide selection of styles and colors, 6.5′ diameter to our 10′ cantilever, to keep your customers shaded and happy!

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