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We have been one of the largest and most reputable dealers of Grosfillex chairs in North America for over 20 years. Resort Contract Furnishings’ successful partnership with Grosfillex combined with our superior buying power enables us to ship products from our PA warehouse within 3-5 business days.  These pieces offer a powerful visual impact and provide quality and practicality – the ultimate investment value. European designers have crafted these beautiful Grosfillex chairs and tables that combine retro charm with the luxuries of contemporary designs. With an emphasis on new, long-lasting materials and cutting-edge technologies, Grosfillex interior furniture was developed with tomorrow in mind, always considering the taste and requirements of interior designers regarding design, quality, and ergonomy. The collection’s offering has made it highly desirable and affordable to a new generation of buyers.

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 Grosfillex Interior Furniture

The Grosfillex chairs collection widens our current assortment to the international indoor contemporary furniture industry. The company has proudly extended its rich experience that began in the commercial outdoor furniture market nearly 42 years ago. Throughout its history, Grosfillex has been dedicated to blending design and friendly functionality consistently. The brand has remained at the forefront of importance for our customers. The chairs are always recognizable for their quality, and they are long-lasting. These are features both you and your guests will enjoy. State-of-the-art materials such as transparent polycarbonate allow for new and exciting visual effects. It catches the sunrays and projects them in a manner that creates spectacular, ever-changing light reflections. The entire Grosfillex chairs collection includes a range of styles, designs, and colors. Sparkling dining chairs will surely serve as beautiful accents to your interior space. Strong, durable, yet sleekly designed tabletops withstand stains and scratches while remaining easy to clean and visually elegant. Their products include Grosfillex Chaise lounges that add vibrancy to your environment with bright, youthful, whimsically colored, comfortable, and ergonomic chairs. Whether you are searching for a collection for your café, shop, mall, cafeteria, restaurant, resort, or hotel, Grosfillex has the set for you, always promising durability, comfort, style, and value.

 Grosfillex Interior At The Guaranteed Lowest Price

We acknowledge the immense value that Grosfillex chairs bring to our customers, so we are happy to offer their modern, functional indoor furniture collections. You can learn more about us, including the relationships and resources available to get you these products at the guaranteed lowest price. Contact us for more details.

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