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Grosfillex Chaise

Sunset Towel Valet

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Cleaning – Disinfecting

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 Available Frame Colors

Available in Single, Double, or Triple

Glacier White/Madras Blue

Volcanic Black/Madras Blue

Fusion Bronze/Cognac

Volcanic Black/Gray

Platinum Gray/Gray

Double Unit Glacier White/Madras Blue

Double Unit Volcanic Black/Madras Blue

Double Unit Fusion Bronze/Cognac

Double Unit Volcanic Black/Gray

Double Unit Platinum Gray/Gray

Triple Unit Glacier White/Madras Blue

Triple Unit Volcanic Black/Madras Blue

Triple Unit Fusion Bronze/Cognac

Triple Unit Volcanic Black/Gray

Platinum Gray/Gray

Cart Included With Each Unit

Committed to Innovation

Grosfillex’s years of research have resulted in proprietary resin composite formulations and technologies that capture the look and texture of wood, metal, and wicker: Rexform®, Kevring®, MPC Technology®. These materials also allow the exceptional design integrity in the production of our tables and chairs. They replicate the look and texture of natural materials without the maintenance and at a fraction of the cost!

Grosfillex prides itself on respecting the environment with a low energy manufacturing process that produces no emissions and with a concentrated effort of reducing, reusing, and recycling all other materials. Manufacturing plastic products uses less energy than making similar products from other materials. Grosfillex resin products do not use topical treatments which can peel off and contaminate the water table. Grosfillex resin furniture is 100% recyclable.


All Grosfillex products pass A.S.T.M (American Standards for Tapes and Measure) standards for commercial usage.

All chairs are tested to 300 lbs.